value added seafood

Shrimp - Breaded Round Tail


breaded appetizers

Breaded Shrimp with a variety of styles begins with quality marine life, which we follow up with proper and meticulous processing.

Shrimp - Vannamei Butterfly Cut

clean tails, layer pack

Calamari Rings - Breaded, Salt Pepper

par-fried, natural cut, tender, lightly breaded, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Calamari - Breaded With Tentacles

par-fried, tender, lightly breaded.

Squid Rings - Breaded, Crumbed Style

par-fried, natural cut, tender, lightly crumbed.

Shrimp - Crumbed Round Tail

flavorful light crumbed coating

Shrimp - Coconut Breaded Butterfly Cut

clean tail, flavorful coconut coating